Uchiwa-matsuri is a festival of Yasaka Shrine located in this city. Yasaka Shrine is a shrine to which divided deity enshrined at Yasaka Shrine Kyoto was transferred in 1592 and jointly enshrined at Atago Shrine, currently located in Kamakuramachi.
The summer festival of Kumagaya has taken place since 1750. In 1830, a giant mikoshi (portable shrine) was newly built and mikoshitogyo was begun.
The name Uchiwa-matsuri comes from an episode that merchants started to offer their customers an uchiwa (Japanese fan) in sometime around 1902, and people would believe the best to go shopping was when Kumagaya Uchiwa-matsuri took place.
Around the same time while the towns bustled with people due to growth of the silk industry, each town competitively purchased dashi and market stalls, which became an original model of the current Uchiwa-matsuri, featuring mikoshitogyo and a parade of dashi and market stalls and continues to this date.

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